Renovated Farm House

Warner, NH
When db Landscaping LLC visited this property for the first time, we immediately recommended a functional site solution that included moving the driveway. The driveway was originally sandwiched between the house and the barn, yet we thought it would be more beneficial to realign the driveway behind the buildings. This created a connected courtyard between the buildings, and a more welcoming yet informal entryway that complimented the architecture of the house. db Landscaping LLC proposed an entryway paved in granite cobblestone, inlaid with ledge-stone. Large, flat-topped boulders were also integrated into the patio for seating. Grading at this site was extensive; a deck that originally required steps to access was now almost at grade level. The large deck was designed with planters that allow birch trees to grow up through the deck openings. Machine-laid retaining walls helped to level the grade and created more useable landscape space where there was previously a steep slope. Plants in the front of the house and under the eaves were specifically selected for their ability to handle heavy snow loads. Lush, perennial plantings added additional color and texture to the landscape.