Landscape Architecture

db Landscaping LLC offers complete landscape architectural design services from concept development through construction administration. Our professional team of landscape designers works directly with clients to help them achieve their landscape goals and visions. Our landscape design services are divided into four phases:

Site Analysis
During our initial meetings with clients and exploration of the site, we begin to discover the identity of each landscape. This analysis is based on an assessment of the natural benefits and limitations of your site, intended uses, functional realities, and personal preferences.

Schematic Design
Using the information gathered from our site analysis, we begin to generate a series of conceptual landscape plans. In many instances this involves generating a schematic master plan. A master plan is a key tool in identifying long and short-term goals for our clients and may be implemented over time as schedule and budget allow.

F Landscape Architecture Color Rendered

During the schematic design phase, we identify the individual building blocks and challenges of each project, from existing vegetation and drainage characteristics to hardscape elements and state and local permitting. During the Schematic Master Planning process, rough concept drawings (landscape plans, sketches, sections, or elevations) are presented for feedback before moving towards a more refined design. The typical end product at this phase is a color rendered landscape plan depicting the property, size, shape and locations of proposed landscape design ideas.

Design Development/ Construction Documents
The key objective during this phase is to refine the schematic concept to support a cost estimate for the project scope of work. Specific materials are selected during this phase to provide clients with precise material and cost proposals, as well as a cost-effective build sequence ensuring fidelity, not just to your vision, but to your budget as well.

Project complexity dictates the need for further design development from this point forward. Construction documents establish, in detail, the requirements for the construction of your landscape elements, the quality of materials and building systems required for obtaining costs and additional instruction needed for the construction of the proposed landscaping.  Examples of other types of drawings that may be necessary to build a project include landscape lighting, grading and drainage plans, planting plans, as well as details, sections, and elevations for specific landscape elements.

Construction Administration
These landscape services begin once the Construction Documents have been completed. We guide our clients throughout bidding, construction, and project closeout. This can be achieved through either a competitive bid approach or negotiated contract approach. Once installation commences, we remain closely involved with construction oversight to ensure project success. This involves making site visits, scheduling meetings with our clients and other contractors, and providing contractor requests for information and payment. During the construction administration phase, clients may receive supplemental design drawings, sketches, field visit reports, construction progress reports and approvals/modifications to all requests submitted by the contractor.