Permitting and Land Planning

At  db Landscaping LLC  we are experts at environmental permitting. If you are not familiar with permitting standards, it can become a major obstacle between design and construction. Permitting is required on many landscaping projects and is a means to protect the general public and the environment alike. Permit applications can be confusing and difficult for the average, unprepared homeowner to complete.

Your project may be subject to the regulations and restrictions of multiple agencies and lawmaking bodies. We will guide you through the permitting process at any and all levels. Town, State, Wetland, or Shoreland permits are just a few examples of permits that may need to be obtained to construct your project. Aside from plans and applications, getting your project built may require presentations to and reviews from zoning boards, historical district commissions, planning boards, community groups, conservation organizations, and so on.

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We’ve prepared many permit application packages and have done so with great success. Let us use our experience, relationships, and reputation with permitting agencies to ensure your project gets built legally, safely, and to its fullest potential.

Our Permitting and Environmental Services include:

  • Planning Board (Subdivisions, Site Plans, Waivers)
  • Zoning Board of Adjustment (Variances and Special Exceptions)
  • Subdivision Approval NHB (National Heritage Bureau Data Check)
  • Driveway Permits (State and Local)
  • Shoreland Protection Permitting (State and Local)
  • NHDES Wetlands Bureau Permitting
  • NHDES Wetland Restoration Plans
  • EPA General Permitting (SWPPP, NOI)
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plan – SWPPP
  • Septic Systems or Sub-surface Disposal Systems
  • Low Impact Design
  • Water Quality
  • Alterations of Terrain
  • Sewer Discharge Permits
  • Site Assessment Studies
  • Sedimentation Basin Design
  • Sediment Filter Design
  • Dewatering System Design